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Lütze, s.r.o. Chrudim / Czech Republic

LÜTZE was founded in 1992 below name ELFRA as a limited liability company with its core business in manufacturing, installation and repair of electrical machinery and instruments. Since 2003 the company became a part of the German holding Lütze International GmbH. Since 2006 the Lütze headquarters are located in a new building in Chrudim, Pardubicka street. Since 2017 was changed the name, ragarding further incorporation in holdings structure, from Elfra to Lütze.

The company currently employs over 100 employees on 3000 square meters production area.

The core of LÜTZE's production is primarily manufacturing of cable assemblies with all supporting activities such as cutting, stripping, crimping, marking, wiring etc.

In the area of electric equipment production we also provide mounting plates with classic outlet components and SMD non-outlet components and follow up processes such as soldering, pad printing (Tampoprint), electric testing, electric assembly, machine embedding of assemblies with two component polyurethane based material with high dielectric strength.

Once completed, the products are subjected to mechanical, optical and electrical testing as required. We process piece and sample orders, up to a medium-sized series (over 10 000 pcs / type). LÜTZE works with materials supplied by the customer or of its own purchase.

More than 90 % of total production is exported abroad.

We are certified ISO 9001:2015.

The parts we assembled and manufactured can be found for example in the final products of foreign companies like Friedrich Lütze GmbH and through Friedrich Lütze to other international famous companies.

Lütze, s.r.o.Lütze, s.r.o.Lütze, s.r.o.

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